• Kokum juice ½ cup
  • Cold water 1½ cups
  • Chat masala 1 tbsp
  • Jaljeera powder ½ tbsp
  • Sugar syrup ½ tbsp
  • Ice crushed coarsely

Kokum in itself is one of those ingredients that beat the heat inside your body and when it is paired with chia seeds it becomes very healthy and tasty. You can make the drink as an appetizer for your party or in this summer season, you can drink this almost daily with your family and friends.


  1. Start by taking a pitcher. In this add the kokum juice, the chat masala, the jaljeera masala, and the sugar syrup; stir these ingredients together with a spoon nicely.
  2. Now add in the water to the pitcher. Close the lid and start shaking it really nicely, until you see the color turning from dark maroon to lights. Now add the chia seeds into the drink and stir or shake really well.

  1. Keep it aside and refrigerate for 30 minutes. Once it is done, add the ice cubes in the glasses up to the level of half of the glass, and finally, add the kokum juice till the glass is filled to slight over the ¾ mark. Dress it with some mint leaves and some sprinkled jaljeera masala.


Make sure you do not add too much sugar syrup, kokum being sweet in itself, just needs a little bit of sugar to bring out the flavor, too much of it will start making it bitter.