• 2 tablespoons of oil made from olive
  • 1 tablespoon of drinking pure water
  • 1 lb. of breast of fresh chicken (3 medium or 2 large sized breasts of chicken)
  • Pepper & salt as per your taste

These recipe ideas are very perfect if you are looking for a meal that is healthy and easy and quick to make. This healthy prep is made very easy with these recipes of chicken that are tightly and properly packed with required protein and made with some ingredients which are very healthy.


  1. First of all, bring a pot for preparing this dish. Place the oil made from olive of the bottom of the Instant Pot which is picked by you and then turn this Pot (instant) to the setting of sauteing. Now, the breast of chicken with pepper and some salt and thereafter sauté each of its sides only for a duration of 1 minute.
  2. Now, properly close the pot and just make sure the gauge (pressure) is properly turned to “seal”. Kindly, set the pressure properly to manual on pressure which is high and the timer of pressure should be set for only 8 minutes. Pressure will start building automatically and the timer will begin.

  1. When this timer will go off, instantly release the pot by turning the gauge of pressure to “vent”. When the pressure is released remove the breast of chicken from pot and then properly prepare chicken in any procedure you like i.e. shredded, diced or etc.


  • Choices to use any of the seasonings you wish on the breast of chicken.
  • Store this dish in a container which is airtight in your refrigerator for a duration of 5 days.


The instant pot that you have used should be working properly otherwise the taste will be altered.