• 600 ml of tomato juice
  • 400 ml of clam nectar or juice or broth
  • 4 tablespoon of Tabasco sauce, or to taste
  • Black pepper to taste
  • Celery stalk and lemon wedges (optional for garnish)


  1. Start with a large bowl. Whenever you prepare juice from extracts, keep a container with a spatula to mix the contents. These are usually liquid so take proper care. The tomato and clam nectar is readily available for shopping. Though, if possible you can prepare the tomato juice fresh beforehand.
  2. Shopping for tomatoes. The first thing to keep in mind is never picking the shriveled ones. Anything that has bruises, broken, damages or looks very mushy, simply should be avoided. Only bring tomatoes that are firm and not sticky to touch. They should be plump than softy. The color should be rich and avoid any discoloration or soft spots. The rich red color is best for consumption or even eating raw as in salads.
  3. Prepare tomato juice. The tomato juice is different from the sauce because the sauce needs cooking. The juice is cold pressed in a food processor or juicer. Then, it is filtered using a fine strain or cheesecloth to extract only the liquid. Select organic fresh tomatoes only because you are going to consume them raw.

  1. Take the bowl and spoon. Put all the ingredients in the container and stir them properly with the spoon. This is the first step after having the above things ready. Add the sauces and salt. This gives a hot flavor to the juice and nothing more. You can keep it as per your taste. Once done, you can garnish it with a lemon wedge and celery stalk and serve as it is, in normal temperature. Do not freeze it or anything.


  • If you like you can add additional stuff to the juice. As for spices, you can add Montreal seasoning to the mixture. This keeps the juice under stamina. You can even take it to the next level and mix it with cocktails. In the US, you can find up to 40% alcohol mixed clamato. There are ways to make them to Bloody Caesar, and that can be learned to make at home too.
  • Clamato is a commercial drink made of tomato juice concentrate and clam broth. This can be made at home too with the above simple recipe. The juice is also flavored with spices for benefits. This is a beverage from the Canadian cuisine enjoyed with a meal.
  • Whenever you use fresh vegetables, wash them in lukewarm water properly. Then, process it. Enjoy this beverage after meals. There are alcoholic beverages too that make use of clamato. In the US and Australia, you can find such derivatives quite easily.