• 2 large size apples
  • 4 large oranges
  • 1 cup of diced kiwis
  • 2 cups of grapes (green or purple and seed or seedless)
  • A lemon
  • A small dice of ginger


  1. Start with the fruits. Whenever you get fruits from the market, wash them with lukewarm water. Quickly drain them and set them aside. Use dicer or chopper. Peel the skin and prepare the fruits as per their nature. Before putting them into the juicer, cut the apples into quarters and similarly the kiwis.
  2. For fruits with seeds like grapes. You can use seedless grapes if you like. Removing the seeds and stems also helps to juice them well. And, it also avoids filtering them so that you can enjoy the pulpy taste too. To retain some of the pulp, use a coarse sieve. But, you can even do the grapes separately. Similarly, you can juice oranges and apples separately too.
  3. Select the juicer. Having the fruits ready put them into the juicer and extract the juice. If you can, use cold press juicer too. Before using any juicer, food processors, electric or manual like a hand juicer, clean it thoroughly. They quickly attract insects and flies, so wash them properly before use.

  1. Juice them now. Direction for oranges, apples, grapes (seedless) and kiwis. You can take the chunks and do them together to save time. Put them into the juicer or mixer and blend them for two minutes. You can add a spoon of honey if you like, but the juice is sweet already.
  2. Strain the particles. You can now filter it using a fine or coarse strainer. You can keep some pulp and discard the rest.
  3. Refrigerate and store. You can store it by putting in the refrigerator. But, if you drink it daily, prepare them every 3 days or so. This helps keep them fresh. Pour it in a glass and serve cold. Additionally, add some small bit of orangery and apples on the top if you like a bit thick. Else, serve with a nice straw if you have prepared it completely fine and thin.


  • When preparing juice, you need a little pulp. To do that you can use a coarse strainer first and pour out the juice a little. Then, use a fine strainer and pour out all the juice.
  • Make it one-fourth first and then the remaining three fourth. This helps maintain the consistency and not making it too thick or thin.


  • First, dip the fruits for like 11 minutes in lukewarm water, then slowly rub and wash them with your clean hands.
  • Finally, drain them and set them aside for chopping. Do not dip for too long as water will start to penetrate them through osmosis. You can use normal water too.