If you look at any connoisseur and ask them about their take on Mediterranean food, especially pizza, they will tell you that it starts with the naturally occurring ingredients that are found in abundance in this region’s food. For instance, an authentic Mediterranean restaurant usually uses olives in abundance in most of their recipes. That is a naturally occurring ingredient that is found in abundance in the region. Even for restaurants that serve Mediterranean food abroad, they will import or find sources of Mediterranean ingredients in order to make their food more authentic.

Principles for Mediterranean pizza

Every region has certain subtle features that make their pizza unique. When it comes to creating a Mediterranean pizza you need to ensure that the pizza is not too rich and the crust should not be too thin. Simple toppings are the mainstay of pizzas that are originally from this region’s recipes. Simple toppings could be prosciutto, olives and fig along with olive oil, which make Mediterranean pizzas unique and authentic. In order to create a crust that is light and crisp, the trick is to roll out the dough with a rolling pin and not to throw it up in the air which can turn it into a chewy and tough crust.

Those who have mastered the art of making authentic Mediterranean pizza will tell you that it all begins with the crust and how to preserve the crispiness of the dough though it should not be too thin.  Again, there are unusual ways that the traditional Mediterranean pizza can be formed and shaped such as a tart or a Panini.


Some unique Mediterranean pizza recipes

Pizza with figs is a unique recipe that is local to the Mediterranean countries. There are several variations of this recipe, especially in the kind of toppings you could add along with figs. However, what remains is the unique ay the dough is prepared. It needs to be made extra wet, so that when it is baked the crust will turn out to be crisp and light. This kind of dough is perfect for creating Panini as well as tarts. One of the popular versions of a fig pizza is the fig and prosciutto pizza. Fig jam when topped with prosciutto adds on a unique savory and sweet flavors. This produces a taste that is delicious and piquant. You could add on a layer of Gorgonzola cheese and that will help add a distinct flavor to the pizza. Try it for a Backyard Grill Lunch along with other items as Found Here.

The Pizza Place's gourmet Mediterranean Pizza: a white pie with spinach, artichoke hearts, feta cheese, diced tomato and oregano. (Photo by Jennifer Marsh)

Other variants are olive tarts where the same pizza dough is used for making tarts that can have a host of local ingredients as toppings and cheese infused on top. Similarity is a Panini recipe. With the same pizza dough you can make the pressed sandwich that is popular in all parts of Italy. The dough of the pizza can help make the Panini bakes wonderful and unique.