The dinner recipes provided here are healthy, low calorie and easy to cook. You can prepare delicious dinners following these easy recipes.

Grilled Garlic Fish with Couscous

This dinner recipe needs olive oil, lemon juice, chopped garlic, salt, pepper powder. Marinate the fish fillet in the above mixture for about 10 minutes Cook couscous as per the directions given on the package and stir in the sun dried tomatoes and chopped parsley. Grill the fish till cooked. Remember to turn the sides every 1-2 minutes. Serve fish with couscous and wedges of lemon. The protein in the fish and couscous will keep your tummy full. You don’t have to raid your refrigerator at midnight.12

Mango And Steak Asian Salad

This is a crisp salad with a variety of ingredients to use as a main course. Cook the sirloin steak seasoned with black pepper and salt for about 4-5 minutes in a skillet. Mix together lime juice, honey, ginger, soy sauce, olive oil and salt and add mango strips, bell peppers, scallion strips and toss. Mix in steak strips and toasted sesame seeds. The low-calorie dinner is ready to consume.

Quinoa And Kale Vegetarian Dinner

If you are wishing to have a vegetarian meal at night you can prepare this recipe. Cook quinoa and add fried mushrooms, sweet potatoes and garlic. Toss in kale, white wine and pepper and salt. Parmesan cheese sprinkled over the dish will give special tangy flavor.

Chicken Marmalade

If you are looking for a recipe with low fat and very low calories chicken marmalade is a good option.  The chicken tenders used for this recipe are almost fat- free. You can grill the chicken tender marinated with salt and pepper. Add a mix of chicken broth, marmalade, mustard, vinegar and cornstarch to the fried shallots in a pan and make the mixture to simmer till it gets thickened. Add the fried chicken to the mix and simmer for a minute.

Salmon And Black Bean Stir-Fry

This low- carb and protein rich stir fry is ideal for those who want to keep away the belly fat and who want to maintain their ideal weight. This stir fry is rich in vitamin C and fiber as it uses bean sprouts. Shallow fry salmon for 2 minutes and add bean sprouts and scallions. Now add a mixture of black-bean garlic sauce, vinegar, rice wine, corn starch and black pepper in ¼ cup water to the salmon and bean sprouts and cook for 2-3 minutes. Use low calorie fat for frying fish.16

Turkey Wraps with Corn And Lettuce

When you don’t have enough time to have dinner in a relaxed manner you can go for easy turkey wraps. You will just need whole wheat tortillas, corn, sun-dried tomatoes, and slices of turkey, romaine lettuce, vinegar and olive or canola oil. Roll up the tortillas after placing all the other ingredients. You can replace turkey with chicken if you need.   If you need more flavor for the wrap add a layer of cheddar cheese.

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