A good piping hot bowl of soup is your ultimate comfort food in winters. It so happens that cooking can sometimes be a tedious task in winters and therefore it is really important that you keep your body well nourished to retain its immunity. A good and healthy bowl of food will not only make you feel comfortable on a cold winter night, but it has all the necessary vitamins and proteins to keep sickness at bay. With soups there are so many recipes to choose from that one may get confused. You can check in here for More Winter Soups, but for now here is the simplest bowl of food that you can prepare; the chicken noodle soup.



  • 3 to four pieces of roasting chicken
  • 2 big cups of chicken stock
  • 2 carrots properly diced
  • 2 onions, finely chopped
  • 2 finely chopped celeries
  • Egg noodles as per preference
  • Half a teaspoon of black pepper
  • Salt as per taste
  • Minced garlic ¾ tea spoon
  • Freshly cut ¼ teaspoon rosemary, thyme and parsley (each)


First up heat the oven up to 200 degrees; next take the chicken and thoroughly wash and clean it and rub olive oil on it. Now sprinkle a little bit of salt or pepper on it and massage the chicken so that everything sinks in it properly. Now set the chicken in the pan, and keep it in the oven for 10 minutes. Keep checking it, from time to time as the cooking process depends on the size of the chicken pieces and the ability of your oven to get heated up.  Once the juices of the chicken run clear take out the dish and cut the chicken into pieces and set it aside.

Next, take a large pan and fill it with the stock and add the chicken bones into it. Throw in a few fresh sprigs of thyme and bring the stock to boil, next simmer it and let cook for some time. You can remove the fat which accumulates at the top with a spoon or a mesh. Next once the stalk is done, allow it to cool and strain the entire content twice through a very fine mesh, so that the soup runs absolutely clear.


Now that the stock is ready, add it back into a pan and add the vegetables like carrots, onions, celery, and simmer it. While the veggies are cooking be sure to prepare some noodles for yourself. Use the directions in the back of the pack to cook the noodles and once they are cooked, drain them and rinse them with ice-cold water. Now coming back to the stock, add the chicken in it, add salt and pepper as per your preference. Next, add the noodles to the broth around 15 minutes before serving and voila! Your ultimate chicken soup for winters is ready! It is advisable to serve the dish piping hot, to enjoy its deliciousness and warmth. Garnish this dish with the herbs mentioned and enjoy it.

Since this soup already has noodles, the soup will fill you up and make you feel, cozy and comfortable on a cold winter night.