• Tenderloin Beef (trim off all the visible fat)
  • Salt of Kosher
  • Sugar (2 teaspoons)
  • Peppercorns that are tri-colour (½ cup)
  • Butter (1 stick)
  • Crushed cloves of garlic (2)

A delicious dinner recipe when you have people at your home. During day time, you can use this beef as a filling for sandwiches!


  1. Heat the oven beforehand at 475°F. Put the tenderloin on a rack used for roasting purposes. Drizzle salt of kosher, sugar on the beef to add flavor to it. Take the peppercorns that are tri-color and compress them. Spread all these peppercorns all over the beef.
  2. Now take a meat thermometer and insert it in the meat. Place the beef inside the oven and until the beef settles at a temperature of 125°F or 125°F for a medium-rare tone.
  3. This beef will take around 20 to 25 minutes to cook and this will solely depend upon its temperature in the oven. In the process, while the meal is getting roast, take a small-sized skillet and add butter to it. Now you need to melt it and add the cloves of garlic. Let the butter attain a light brown shade and then remove all the garlic cloves from it.

  1. Once the meat is ready, take it out from the oven and gently pour the butter of garlic over the meat. The intention is the contact between the meat and butter should make it sizzle.
  2. Once Step 6 is finished, you need to take aluminum foil and cover the meat very loosely with it. After Step 7, let the meat rest for a while in the foil, preferably 10 minutes. Once ready, slice the beef and serve it hot and fresh!


  • You can choose not to add sugar.
  • You can serve the dish with pan gravy.


  • Do not overcook the meat.
  • Do not preserve the meat outside the refrigerator.