• 500 gram lean ground beef, has to be 90% lean
  • 3 minced garlic cloves
  • 100 gram brown sugar
  • 50 gram reduced-sodium chinese soya sauce
  • 10 ml sesame oil
  • 50 gram ginger
  • 50 gram red pepper crushed flakes
  • 50 gram black pepper
  • 200 gram freshly hot cooked white or brown rice
  • Freshly sliced vegetables like green onions and sesame seeds for garnish

There are a lot of ground beef recipes that you must have heard about, this would be the best one of all. This can be your weekday family dinner recipe or a weekend get-together recipe, the dish is versatile enough to do magic on both events.


Properly cook the meat and then eat. It is a high protein dish that would please your taste buds and at the same time keep you healthy. If you have children in your family, this can be a real favorite for them. So kids love this dish.

  1. Cut the fresh meat properly. Keep the ground beef in a large skillet and then cook it with breaking garlic into small crumbles. Heat it on medium flame but until only the meat is pink.
  2. Do not overcook. Now, take a small bowl and mix all the other ingredients like brown sugar, Chinese soya sauce, sesame oil, crushed ginger, red pepper crushed flakes and black pepper.
  3. Mix the spices with a spoon or crush them in a grinder. Now, add the mixed spices to the cooked hot beef properly and add them evenly. Serve the meat hot with hot tasty rice and garnish the same with the freshly cut vegetables like green onions and sesame seeds or any other of your favorite vegetables.


  • Use fresh government certified meat, to have properly quality checked meat.
  • Use all fresh spices, to get a proper taste of the food, use them as your liking.
  • Collecting spices may get tough, so don’t get frustrated you can always find alternatives for all and every ingredient.


  • While slicing the vegetables, don’t use a very sharp knife, you might cut your fingers and injure yourself. Be safe.
  • While you cook the meat hot, stay safe from the fire. The meat might get hot hurt you so take care of that.