• 1 pack of 12 ounces extract of frozen juice concentrate (avoid citrus flavors)
  • 1 package of .25 ounce of active dry yeast
  • 4 cups of sugar
  • 3 and 1/2 quarts of cold water
  • A sterilized glass jar
  • A balloon and rubber band for securing its mouth


  1. Start with a medium size jug. This should be about a gallon in volume. Refill it with sterile water, clean it properly and dry it. This is an important step. Also, keep the balloon and rubber band ready nearby.
  2. Begin with the jug now. Take the jug. Add to it the yeast first. Then, the sugar and then the juice concentrate. Finally, fill the rest of the jug with the “cold” water. DO notice the mention of cold.
  3. Use the balloon. You must also rinse the balloon with water. This balloon should fit the opening of the jug. So, it is advised to buy one accordingly. Once you have fit it over the opening, secure it nicely with the rubber band. This is important to not let the gases escape.

  1. Place it in a cool place. The next step is not cooking anything but leaving the whole setup aside for some time. Find a cool and dark place corner in your house. Keep it there for a day or so. Soon you will notice after a day that the balloon has started to expand. These are the gases that we didn’t want to let out.
  2. The wait is not over. It will take about 6 more weeks in that configuration. Keep the jug and everything like so. Slowly the gases will be used up. This balloon will deflate again. Once this happens in around 6 weeks or so, the wine will be prepared and ready to drink.


  • Whenever sugar turns into alcohol, it releases gases, as per chemistry. These gases fill up the balloon. It is an indication that alcohol is generated here.