• 8 to 10 pieces of strawberries frozen or fresh
  • Skimmed milk half cup
  • Plain yoghurt half cup
  • White sugar according to taste
  • Few drops of vanilla extract
  • One small bowl of ice cubes

Strawberry smoothie is one of the best smoothies.  It is refreshing and has an excellent taste that can give a good start to your morning. If you have nothing to prepare for breakfast or you are really short of time and want to eat something healthy and filling, then the strawberry smoothie is one thing you can go with.


  1. To prepare the strawberry smoothie, first, you need to take a few strawberries.  If you are using frozen strawberries, then there is no need of using ice cubes. The frozen strawberries are already cold and this will make your smoothie chill in enough quantity.
  2. Take your blender jar and put the skimmed milk in it. Add sugar according to taste, few drops of vanilla extract, plain yogurt and strawberries.

  1. Now blend the blender at a high speed for just a few seconds. Why we ask you to blend the ingredients on high speed is because when you will it run it on high speed it will give the great consistency to the smoothie.
  2. You can open the blender lid in between to check if the consistency is fine. If you feel it is thick, you can add some milk or water to reduce its thickness. The really yummy smoothie is now ready to have. Pour smoothie in glasses and top up it with few slices of strawberry.


  • Have this smoothie right after blending it to enjoy its great taste.
  • Keep checking the consistency of a smoothie while blending it.