• Kosher salt
  • Carrot juice 2 cups
  • Vodka 1 cup
  • Lemon juice 4 tbsp
  • Hot sauce 2 dashes
  • Celery salt 2 pinches
  • Celery sticks (2)

The recipe has its perk besides being a very refreshing and cool cocktail. You can serve this a party drink or a cooler when having fun with your friends. The refreshing cocktail is a crowd pleaser for beating the summer heat.


  1. Start by taking two cocktail glasses and dipping their rim in ice cold water. Once dipped, and then dip them in a plate full of kosher salt, so that the rims are coated with it nicely.
  2. Now take a cocktail shaker and add in it all the ingredients. Add the carrot juice, the lemon juice, the vodka, hot sauce, and celery salt.

  1. Fill it halfway with ice and close the lid. Shake it nicely for 4-5 minutes so they are nicely incorporated and then pour them in the glasses. Serve and garnish with a celery stick.


Make sure to use ingredients accordingly as mentioned, increase the amount gradually as per the servings, or it will become too sweet or too boozy.