• 8 asparagus of spears, should be properly trimmed; evenly divided
  • ¼ cup of bread crumbs; should be Italian seasoned
  • ½ cup of shredded cheese (mozzarella)
  • Pepper (black) and salt; according to taste
  • 2 large in size boneless and skinless halves breast of chicken

This recipe is easy enough for any day of the week, but it also looks good enough for a company. It really has a fresh flavor. It actually goes excellent with rice or potatoes which are properly roasted.


  1. Preheat your available oven to around 370 degrees F. Now; grease a dish of baking which is 8*8 inch in size.
  2. Place each of the breasts of chicken between the 2 sheets of plastic (heavy) on a very solid, surface of the level. Gently pound the available chicken with the smoothest side of mallet of meat to an equal thickness of around ¼ inch. And then, sprinkle each of its sides with pepper and salt.

  1. Place all the 4 spears of the asparagus and they should be placed down the center of the breast of chicken. Spread around ¼ cup of cheese or mozzarella over that asparagus. Repeat this step with another breast of chicken, and then gently roll the available chicken around cheese and asparagus to make a compact and tidy roll.
  2. Place the prepared rolls seam and that so side down in the dish of baking. Then sprinkle each of them with bread crumbs (2 tablespoons). Bake it in the oven (preheated) until the complete juices run totally clear when they are pricked with a knife, for around half an hour.


  • You can use any other type of cheese as per your taste.
  • A foil of aluminum can also be used to preserve the moist of this dish.


The rolls that you are placing should only be placed in a prescribed manner.