Here are some cocktail recipes that are traditional for Christmas. Have them ready at hand so that you can have a great series of cocktails ready and waiting for your guests.

For the festive Christmas time of the year there are wonderful cocktails that you can make. There is nothing like the traditional Christmas cocktails to get into the festive mood. Here are some popular recipes that will help you stay prepared for the special occasion.



This cocktail is considered to be the king of all cocktails. Eggnog is created from a mixture of milk, effs, cream and nutmeg which is then spiked with brandy and bourbon. You will get a creamy and thick drink as a result. It comes at a whopping eight hundred pounds. However, for the cold weather when you need some calories to keep you warm, this is a great cocktail and a must one for Christmas.

Mulled Wine

This is another great drink for the cold season. It is considered to be a classic treat during Yuletide and has been around for centuries. Mulled wine is created by blending in brandy, cloves, ginger, honey, orange slices and cinnamon along with red wine. The concoction is consumed warm. You need to steam the concoction and then serve in glasses which are garnished with sticks of cinnamon.

Hot Buttered Rum

This classic cocktail recipe dates back to the colonial times. It is a classic favorite that is created with vanilla rum, butter, sugar and other spices. The spices usually include nutmeg and cinnamon. Many bars offer this drink by adding the spices, sugar and butter in a mug or glass. The rum and hot water mixture are poured into the glass. In certain cases the mixture is heated up by sticking a red hot poker into this concoction.

Candy Flavored Martini

This is another iconic treat during the holiday season. It is made from white chocolate liqueur, vanilla vodka and peppermint schnapps. The whole mixture is put in a shaker and then served in a martini glass.


Holiday Hopper

The ingredients of this drink are made like a pale green drink that has a crisp and melon taste to it. The melon liqueur, white chocolate liqueur, cream, menthe cream are the ingredients needed to make this drink. The mixture is shaken with ice to create the perfect cocktail. The drink can be garnished with raspberry and mint leaves to make it a drink be fitted for the Christmas season.

For cold winter days around the festive season, lighten up and warm the mood with these cocktail recipes. These drinks are mostly warm and are sure to be a hit with any guest who drops by. For inspiring ideas on what to serve during the winter, check out Tasty and Easy to Make Smoothies with Ice Cream. When you have guests or young children in a party, these smoothies are sure to be great hit among them, especially for those who do not take hard drinks. If you are planning a winter party, make these drinks part of the menu and see your guests enjoy.