If you have sourced the delectable Wagyu steak from a gourmet store, you would probably be delighted and scared at the same time. It is a great find for sure, but it also helps a lot of responsibility on the cook or the chef to get the cooking right. You need to ensure that you cook the steak well. If you are looking for tips to cook it right, follow the tips given below.

About Wagyu Japanese steak

It is a steak that falls in the same category of gourmet food like white truffles and foi gras. It is an ingredient that is luxurious and has a combination of taste and texture that is unparalleled by any other steak cuts and qualities. It should come as no surprise that it is an expensive product to source from any gourmet meat store, usually being priced at $130 for each pound.  This cut of the meat is known to be exotic; in many places it is known to be butchered in near religious ways. Hence, respect is demanded by this steak cut and competent in cooking is expected naturally for this kind of exotic meat. Here are other Meaty Soup Recipes to Check Out.  Find the guide you need to cook the most delicious soup recipe at home.


Advice for cooking steak

If you are looking for the right ways to cook the steak, you need to remember that this steak should not be cold before cooking. Keep it outside at least an hour before you cook. You need to remove it or take it out of the refrigerator and bring it down to room temperature. The meat will then cook evenly and fast. You need to season the steak from before in order to allow the steak to taste good. Do not crimp on using salt and pepper in order to cook the steak. Add seasoning on both sides.

When you are cooking this kind of steak or thicker steaks in general, you need to sear the surfaces before cooking. Ensure that the moisture is retained when you cook the steak. That will result in a browned color that will be uniform on the stack. For cooking the Wagyu you need to get a preheated pan. Ensure that you sear and place the steak on the preheated pan. Allow each surface to cook for about 2 minutes before turning over. Reduce the heat to a moderate level. For cooking the meat, keep it in the pan at moderate heat. For having a roast you need to cook the steak in the oven.

8Use of a thermometer

If you are roasting you need to reach a temperature of 120°C or 250°F. This temperature will ensure that Wagyu steak will not dry up. You need to use the thermometer to check whether the roasting is done and the desired temperature is reached. It is better to use the thermometer than cooking time as the latter might vary in different cases.

You need to rest the steak by covering it with a foil for some time after cooking. This will ensure that the meat juices imbibe the flavors of the seasoning.