• Vodka one shot that is 1.5 Ounces
  • Cranberry juice 2 shots (3 Ounces)
  • Lime juice few drops
  • Sparkling water Lima La Croix
  • Cranberries fresh or sugared one small bowl
  • Ice cubes

As the summer has started you must be looking for some refreshing drinks. The Cranberry holiday cocktail is a drink that you can have it anytime. If you have called your friends for a party at home, you can try this drink. It is easy to prepare, but it is really great in taste.


  1. Take a shaker of medium size and add one shot of vodka in it. After that add another cranberry juice and other ingredients in it. Add all ingredients in the aforementioned quantity.
  2. Once all ingredients are dropped in the jar, shake the jar well. And now, your drink is ready. Pour it in the glass and serve. Decrease your guests or enjoy the drink with some snacks.

  1. You can increase or quantity of ingredients according to your taste. You can prepare cranberry juice with many other light alcoholic beverages. If you don’t consume alcohol, you can use any other juice to prepare a holiday cocktail. It is easy to prepare and even easier to serve.


  • Add fresh cranberry in the cocktail to have a strong taste of it.
  • If you love cranberries, crush it and pour it in the glass first and then add cocktail in the glass.