• 2 large oranges freshly squeezed
  • Scrapes or zest of one large orange
  • 1/2 cup sugar as per taste
  • 12 ounce or 1 bag of fresh cranberries


  1. Start with the cranberries. Whenever you cook cranberries, there are some steps for preparation. Washing and drying the berries. You can find frozen and dried berries all year round but fresh ones are best for this. When shopping for them, look for firm and plump and rich color to them. If you find stuff that is bruised, shriveled up, appear sticky when touched or very soft. Keep them in an air-tight plastic bag because extra ones can last for almost two months and you can prepare some fresh Halloween sauce once more. Rinse them under cold or normal water and they are now ready to go.
  2. Shop for oranges. When shopping for fresh oranges, keep in mind the same rule above. They must be firm and have a nice scent. Anything too mushy is not good. Bring them home, rinse with normal or cold water and they are ready to go to the juicer. Prepare only the juice, while some pulp is okay too.

  1. Take a medium saucepan. Put together all the ingredients above except the berries. Put the flame to medium heat. Add about 3/4th cup of water to it and keep stirring them occasionally till the sugar has dissolved properly. The rich thick paste begins to appear.
  2. Put the cranberries into it. Allow the mixture to boil, and then reduce the heat and keep stirring it gently. It should take about 15 minutes for the sauce to get thickened. Let it cool down completely before you serve.


  • You can prepare fresh cranberry sauce at home simply with three ingredients if you can manage to shop the items by yourself.