• 2 large size cucumbers, organic if possible


  1. Start with the cucumber. Whenever you get to make juice, always try to get fresh vegetables and fruits from an organic farm only. Because you are going to consume them raw, this is good for health. Good cucumbers have bright colors and evenly colored skin tone. If the cucumbers bend easily or appear infirm when picked up in hand, they are starting to get mushy. This will not yield juice and are not fresh either. Avoid the ones beginning to appear yellow or very soft spots.
  2. Prepare them. First, take a cucumber. Dip it for like 5 minutes in lukewarm or normal water, rub, and rinse and wash them properly. Use a peeler to peel the skin. Do not press them hard. Only peel the skin slightly from outside. This should ensure maximum benefit. Use a knife and cut the cucumber from both the ends slightly. Cut about 1/2 cm thick circular piece from both the ends.

  1. Use a blender cum juicer or hand juicer. Usually, you need something that you are acquainted with and are not time-consuming for you. Cut the cucumber into medium size chunks after peeling them. Put them in the juicer, strain it with a fine strainer. Immediately consume it.


  • The best part of having cucumber juice is to cool your body and ease in the digestion. It is light on the body and the best food without spices.
  • You can store them usually on the countertop of the refrigerator, but do not keep them for too long. If you drink cucumber daily, go to grocery 2 times a week. It is better to have them healthy.