If you are wondering what kind of sacrifices you need to make for keeping the fat off your belly, you might be surprised to find healthier ways to make the same delicious meals that you love to eat. Diet does not have to mean sacrifice and the addition of lean sources of protein will help you feel full for longer time, add on beneficial protein to your system to sustain your workout sessions and provide food to your system that will step up the metabolism level and keep the fat burning.

Broccoli and cheese omelet

A broccoli and cheese omelet will surely make you smile and keep you full for a longer part of the day. To make it a healthier version uses egg whites and a low sodium and low fat cheese for the omelet. Add olive oil to the skillet for making the omelet and add to peppers and seasoning to make a healthy omelet that can be consumed with a slice of whole grain bread.


Burrito with cheese, beans and ham

How about a ham, cheese and bean burrito for brunch or a packed lunch? Plan ahead and stock up on chicken, ham, white beans and low fat cheese. You can then simply whip up a concoction of egg whites, beans, ham slices, red pepper and choose and toss it with olive oil before putting it in a burrito and wrapping it up. Don’t forget a dollop of cheese on top. This will be a great lunch idea which will keep the hunger pangs at bay. You can also add on the Superfoods that Help to Fight Belly Fat.

Turkey burger with sweet potato fries

Turkey burger with sweet potato fries will be yet another great idea for a filling and diet friendly lunch. You can make the patty with minced turkey meat, seasoning and slices of garlic and onion as well as pepper added. The patty can be grilled in the oven or shallow fried with a little bit of olive oil in the skillet. You can grill skinny fries out of sweet potato by spraying the thin slices with olive oil and cinnamon. You can then add the turkey patty to a whole wheat burger and you are good to go.


Roasted pork tenderloin with vegetables

For those who are tired of simply having chicken for dinner can try out this tasty and diet friendly dish by using pork tenderloin, which is seasoned with a mixture of salt, pepper, thyme, parsley and other Italian herbs. You can add a dash of garlic and olive oil before placing the meat on a bed of spinach and surrounding the pork with sweet potato cubes and peppers. The vegetables can be given a dash of olive oil and seasoning before the dish is put inside the oven to grill for a period of 45 minutes.

These are some of the several ways that one can include tasty meat dishes as part of their daily meal plan.