Most week nights we need to whip up the dinner fast as the night seems to end too fast and we need to get the meal in front of the television before the favorite shows start off. On other days, especially during weekends when the nights roll in quickly and threaten to make the evenings run slow in the winter months, you might want recipes that will keep you occupied and make you look forward to the sweet tastes of patience that seem to bring out the best of the ingredients.

When you have the time and the patience, here are some great dishes that you might want to explore right from the afternoon as the midday sun seems to fade out.

17Chicken in milk

Chicken in milk is a recipe that will not take much effort, but only time to allow the chicken to absorb the different flavors that you subject it to. You need to spice it up with salt and pepper and toss it in butter before you decide to put it in a pot with milk, garlic as well as lemon and cinnamon sticks. The flavors will absorb into the meat as it keeps it on slow flame for an hour or half. Once the chicken is cooked, all you need to do is skin it out and serve with wilted greens like spinach or asparagus and mashed potatoes on the side.

Sesame pork soup

A sesame pork soup is another novel try that is even better done when cooked at night before. You need to roast pork neck bones and vegetables like onions and carrots before you transfer to a stockpot where you boil the ingredients along with tamarind paste and tomatoes for two hours or more. You can remove the meat, refrigerate it overnight and then add on ham hock the next day and boil for another two hours before you serve it with fresh green onions and other herbs topped along with roasted sesame seeds.

19Braised short ribs

Braised short ribs is another recipe that will work well provided you have the time. You need to spice up the ribs with salt and pepper and roast in a little oil. Add to vegetables like carrots, onions and celery and do the same. Create the sauce by adding tamarind paste, red wine, Madeira, garlic cloves, Worcestershire sauce and brown sugar. Once the sauce is created, braise the ribs in it. Transfer the sauce and the ribs to the oven and allow the cooking to take place for over an hour or more before it is ready to be served.

As the winters approached, the evenings will be long and there will be several weekends spent at home. This is the perfect time to indulge in new recipes, new flavors and experiment with meat and vegetables in different forms. Slow cooked meals paired with Apple Sauce Inspired Dishes will add the right tangy taste to the flavor of the season.