• 1 bitter gourd or karalla
  • 1 medium sized tomato
  • 1 small sized cucumber


  1. Start with the bitter gourd. You take this from a freshly arrived stock. For the juices, always use fresh vegetables only. This is an important ingredient because it helps to control blood sugar levels because of the bitterness. So, properly wash the vegetable with warm Luke water. This is to remove any residue or deposits from over the skin. Keep it aside.
  2. Take the tomato next. Also, add some lukewarm water in another bowl and rinse the tomato well. This is to remove dirt, any chemicals, and other stuff.
  3. Finally, the cucumber. You can use half of a large cucumber too if you don’t get a small one. Usually, get only properly grown cucumbers and not the ones that are very large or overgrown with fertilizers.

  1. Use a chopper now. Take a medium sized bowl and a chopper. Chop all the vegetables to large cubes. This will make it easier to press them for juice. You may use a blender or juicer for the same too. Do not cut them too small or too big, just cubes of 1 inch.
  2. Use a sieve if possible. Now, there are many ways to extract the juice out of the vegetables. A sieve helps to press the vegetables to grind them to juice. This is similar to juices but in a natural manner and manually.


  • Keep the juice or store it and drink it daily. Alternately, prepare fresh juice every two to three days depending on the availability of fresh vegetables.
  • If you cannot find them every day, store them in a freezer, but preparing fresh is always the best. Do not add anything to it. When beginning, use a tablespoon of honey.


  • Do not peel any of the vegetables. A lot of the nutrients and healthy stuff resides in their skin too. Always select your vegetables that you consume raw from organic farms only.