For those who are looking around to make Halloween treats here are some great recipes to explore by which you can turn known food items into the creepy, crawly creature look alike, much to the fun and delight of youngsters.

Potion punch Mad Scientist

If you are throwing a party then you would want to have some festive drinks ready to serve to the guests. You could make the drinks to different jars and label them in a way that intrigues everyone like a witches’ brew or a tonic for the vampire. You can then get some foamy presentation around the drinks with the help of cool aid, sugar and dry ice.



Pasta with a twist

How about pasta that looks like something out of the gutter? It might kill the appetite of the guests, but they will have fun with it as well. All you need to do is cook pasta the usual way and before you decide to add any kind of sauce or seasoning, put it in a ziplock bag with little bit water and black food color so that the color comes on the pasta. It will surely make the pasta look spooky.

Jell O eyes

This is a great way to get spooky with white chocolate based eyeballs. The inside of the balls need to be filled with Jell O and frozen. One can use food coloring and chocolate paste to create green rimmed eyes with red streaks of blood around the eyeballs. It will surely be a great spooky dessert to serve.

Chicken salad that looks like the human brain

This one might look gory, but it would be delicious. It can be prepared simply with boiled chicken, mashed potatoes and mayonnaise put together on top of which one can use halved grapes to add a brainy texture and line the sides of the brain with red ketchup to add the bloody look to a detached brain.

Mummy pizzas

This one is easy to make and you can get the young ones to help you out as well. You can simply add on strips of cheese on top of the tomato sauce layered pizza base. You can keep a certain portion from the top empty and fix two olive rings just as they are the vacant eyes of a mummy. The strips will create the mummy effect easily and once baked, you can put them out and lay them on the buffet table along with the others.


Finger biscuits

This is another ingenious and simple recipe that will surely be a great success with the kids. The biscuits can be shaped as fingers with slits on them to resemble the human skin and the edges can be fitted with a sliced almond to represent the nail. You could use food coloring like red and green around the nails for added effects.

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