When your kids are all dressed up in their ghoulish costumes and out trick or treating, you might want to have some weird drinks ready when they come home, tired but excited. Allow them to have their bit of fun with some of the wonderful drink recipes that are mentioned below. Of course, it would mean a lot of sugar and colored food which might be unhealthy, so you could then prepare a healthy snack like a sandwich with veggies and protein to round off their Halloween supper.

A cauldron punch recipe

To create this drink you would need worm like gummies along with orange sherbet, ginger ale and Hawaiian punch. The punch needs to be poured into a punch bowl. The ginger ale can then be added to the punch. You can then add the worms and let them float around. The final addition would be the sherbet. As the sherbet melts into the punch, it would be ready for drinking.

haunted punch

A green juice for Frankenstein

Halloween is not complete if you do not have any green juice around. If you have green mango sherbet, you could simply add a bug or an eyeball like gummies to it. It would definitely be a healthier version of simply using green Kool Aid. The main fun is in the presentation. You could design or color paper glasses as per the theme or give interesting names to them. If you want to make them slushy, add a bug gummy and then freeze it till it becomes slushy.

A bloody drink recipe

The colors to include in your Halloween drinks are red and green for sure. Once you have the ideas for the green drink, the red drink could comprise of a mixed vegetable juice. This is the right time to get your children to drink something healthy. Add on the back and red Twizzler sticks to chilled glasses of the drink. It would be a great drink that most children will drink up before they realize what hit them. An adult version of this would be the Bloody Mary cocktail drink.


Ice cream smoothies

There can be a host of ice cream, smoothies that can be designed to look like a witches’ brew. One can use mint chocolate chip ice cream along with green sprinkles and milk to create the perfect smoothie which can be drank with a straw, a green colored drink, perfect for Halloween. The look of the pumpkin can be created in an orange slush drink as well, served with orange slices. Even hot chocolate and marshmallows will be a great hit with adults and kids alike.

To make the party menu complete, add on some fun ideas from Easy and Creepy Party Food Ideas or the Halloween Food Ideas for Kids. These simple food recipes, arranged for Halloween will surely make your party complete, for kids and adults alike. All you need is your imagination to come up with countless such ideas with the usual party food recipes.