• 2 large sized slices of bread chopped in half shape
  • 1 tablespoon oil of vegetable
  • 1 large pinch full of pepper and salt
  • 6 sprigs of proper and fresh thyme
  • 1 clove garlic minced and peeled
  • 1 tablespoon of fresh butter
  • 8 regular sliced fresh mushrooms
  • 170 gram sliced Brie (6 oz)


  1. Pick a broiler. Slightly toast the 2 slices of fresh bread on both of the sides under a broiler (grill). After toasting the bread, heat the fresh butter and the oil of vegetable in a small sized skillet or a frying pan. Now, place the fresh slices of mushrooms in the frying pan. After placing it, fry the mushrooms in the pan over a medium-high flame for a duration of about 5-6 minutes. Fry it, until all the slices of mushroom turn brown in color. And also until it becomes a little bit crispy at the edges. The, turn down the flame of the pan. After this, stir in some pepper, salt and some cloves of garlic. Now, cook it for a duration of further 1 minute. Then again turn down the flame to very low.
  2. Place the brie’s slices. After turning down the flame move on. And place the slices of the picked brie on the toast properly and evenly. Now, put it back under the broiler to let it melt. After it is properly melted, place it carefully on 2 plates evenly.
  3. Strip it. After melting it, strip the 2 of the springs of thyme of the fresh little leaves. Then, stir it properly through the mushrooms of garlic. Now, spoon on the apex of the brie. Then top each of the slices of toast with the thyme sprig. And also top it with a grind of fresh black pepper. Serve the dish.


  • If you want to give the mushrooms more crisp and taste you can also try Chili Stuffed mushrooms.
  • You can eat this dish with any type of sauce to enhance its taste.