Easy Sauce Made of Caramel

  • 1 tablespoon full of heavy cream, full fatty milk, or half & half
  • 14 Baking Caramels of any brand should be unwrapped

For Quesadillas

  • Oil or fresh butter, only for the use of pan
  • 1 small sized apple, it should be thinly sliced
  • 4 full tortillas of wheat (5-10 inch tortillas)
  • 5-6 brie ounces, properly sliced, make sure that the rind is completely removed


  1. Make the sauce of caramel. Add all the caramels and cream to a small-sized saucepan over a low flame. Stir it constantly; allow the caramels to melt completely. After it is melted, turn the flame off.
  2. Make the quesadillas. Heat half teaspoon of oil or butter in a large sized skillet. Use enough of oil or butter to coat the whole bottom of the pan. Then, lay one tortilla in the given skillet and top it with 2-3 brie’s ounces. Use some cheese as per taste. Now, top the picked cheese with some pieces of thinly and properly sliced fresh apples.
  3. Top with another tortilla. Now top it with one more tortilla. Then press it down with a spatula to get the wheat tortilla tight and nice together. Let it cook until the cheese starts melting for around 3 minutes. Lift the bottom of the tortilla up to be sure that its bottom has started browning. Once it is browned as per your liking. Now, flip the quesadilla to its other side using a large-sized spatula. Cook the other side also.

  1. Slide the large-sized cutting board. Now slide it onto a large board of cutting and chop into 4 pieces. Oil all the quesadillas again. Now, drizzle in the caramel onto the quesadillas. If the caramel is hard, soften it by warming it in the oven. Now serve the dish.


  • You can also use one microwave to melt the cream and caramels together. But you have to stir it every other minute.
  • The remaining caramel can be preserved by keeping it in a fridge for 7 days.