• 10 gram of powder of fresh vanilla
  • 90 gram of sugar (with icing)
  • 100 gram of fresh flour
  • 10 gram of powder (baking)
  • 400 to 450 gram of starch of wheat
  • 2 eggs; they should be at room temperature
  • 125 gram of fresh butter (it should be at room temperature)

This is a very simple, quick and recipe which can be made at very low-cost. I usually bake these cookies when something plenty and quick is required. These cookies can be enjoyed at any time and feel free to have it anytime.


  1. First of all, mix the 90 gram of icing sugar and butter (125 gram) well. In case the sugar (caster) is unavailable, add around 120 grams of sugar which is granulated.
  2. Add both the eggs 1 by 1. And thereafter mix them well.
  3. Now, add all the 100 grams of fresh flour and also the powder of vanilla and baking. And then, mix it again. After this, add around 200 grams of starch of wheat and mix it properly. And them add the rest of the 200 grams of fresh starch very slowly and blend. When the dough is ready, stop adding the fresh starch.

  1. Without wasting any time make walnut sized small buns. And then, place them on a tray of oven. But make sure that they are not touching each other by the time they will rise. So, either use a sheet of the oven or otherwise spread some oil (liquid) like corn oil on that tray so that the cookies do not get stick to the bottom.
  2. Cook it for time duration of around 15 minutes in an oven (preheated) at a temperature of 170 degrees. After around 5 minutes reduce the flame to around 150. Now, take the tray out of that oven when the color of cookies has slightly changed.


  • Make sure to obtain a non-stick and soft dough.
  • Keep the remaining cookies in an air-tight plastic container.


  • Don’t overcook the cookies otherwise; the taste of the cookies will change.