When you are a fan of salmon, you are fortunate. With red meat being on the red more and more, it is time to turn to other white meat friendly ingredients among which fish rank high. Salmon in particular is blessed with omega 3 rich, fatty acids and antioxidants which can be secure to you for stopping age and maintaining good health all the way. If you wish to make this fish a part of most meals you cook at home, here are some easy and tasty recipes to help you get started.

21Chipotle flavored salmon

Try a version of salmon with chipotle marinade. You can add tequila to chiles, which also get tossed with garlic, green onion, cilantro and sesame. The marinade will be the main to add the flavors in the fish. Let the fish be marinated with the combination before you put it in to roast. The best part of the salmon is that it cooks faster. Hence, all you need to do is allow the marinade to seep into the fish for a few hours before roasting.

Corn chowder and salmon

How about a chowder that is flavored with salmon? When you are hungry and could not care less about the fattening aspects of corn, you can add on bacon and corn to create a chowder. This tasty and filling chowder could be tossed with flaked fish that was used for dinner a day or two back. The whole combination will taste great and will be a hearty dinner for you.

Dill mayonnaise and salmon

How about a dill mayonnaise and steamed salmon mixture? This is a wonderfully simple recipe and hardly needs any cooking. All you need to do is boil water and steam the fish over the pan of boiling water or place it in a baking sheet in the oven for about twenty minutes. Once the fish is cooked and flaky, you can add the flakes to a mixture of mayonnaise, dill and shallots freshly chopped and flavored with Dijon mustard and lemon juice. You are sure to love the concoction when paired with a crusty bread.

Soup with cubed salmon

If you have smoked salmon, you can use it in a soup that is made from butter, mushrooms, garlic and leeks. You could layer the soup with crushed tomatoes and fresh herbs before adding on cubes of fresh and smoked salmon. It is sure to be a flavorful soup for your taste buds. For other hearty soup recipes for fall, check out Fall Soup Recipes with Simple Ingredients.

25Pesto and roasted salmon

Create a pesto with red peppers that are smoked and add on chives and lemon. When you add toasted hazelnuts to it, the taste becomes completely different. This sauce can be added to a roasted salmon and one can pair it with fresh vegetables and have a hearty and healthy meal with it.

Hash and salmon

For those who need to have their comfort food, the hash, they can pair it with smoked salmon served cold with potatoes that are crisped with butter along with fresh herbs, capers, mustard and horseradish.

These are some of the wonderful dishes that one can explore with salmon.