If you have been diagnosed with cancer, it does not have to be the end of the world. Especially if the diagnosis shows the disease to be in the early stages, there are several lifestyle changes that you can take up in order to reduce chances of the disease becoming aggressive. Here are some health tips to follow to reduce cancer risks and symptoms.

Expert findings

If you have heard it before, it is being reiterated in light of cancer risks. Health experts point out that cancer risks can be reduced and its aggressive nature averted by resorting to a healthy diet and reduced weight. Weight loss is a great way to fight this ailment. This is as per the findings of researchers of Yale University. Scientists have found that walking briskly for about 25 minutes will help in reducing mortality rates. It is made half in case of cancer patients. If you have a large waistline chance is that your risks of breast cancer increase by a third. Many breast cancer sufferers were tracked, about five thousand. Those who were found to follow a healthy physical exercise regime, including three hours of brisk walking, they were found to have reduced their death rates by about 46 percent.


Correlation between cancer and waistline

The above findings are considered to be groundbreaking. With a slim waistline that is associated with an active and healthy lifestyle, it is now found that those who are diagnosed with advanced cancer can still counteract the symptoms and the ailment. As per the study findings, if you lose about 5 percent of body fat you would be increasing chances of surviving breast cancer by 20 percent. For those who have wondered how they can fight the ailment and stay alive, this is a useful finding that will point to the right direction and lifestyle changes to adopt.

Supplementing treatment

There is no saying that when you are undergoing treatment for cancer or are recovering from the same you need to stick to a sedentary lifestyle. Indeed, it is important to recognize the role that diet and exercise play in reducing the risks of the ailment returning or becoming more aggressive. One needs to adopt a healthy and more active lifestyle after being treated for the disease. As per research findings, those who took up an active lifestyle after leading a sedentary life and falling prey to breast cancer, they have been able to reduce risk of cancer by 33 percent.

10Diet and exercise changes

When one is incorporating active exercises and diet in their lifestyle regime, they need to note that exercising for about 30 to 45 minutes, five days a week is necessary along with intake of Fresh Fruits, Vegetables And Lean Protein Sources in their diet. It is beneficial to increase intake of phytoestrogen enriched food items in one’s diet as well, which comes from soy products, flax seeds, walnut, and chickpeas. These help regulate the estrogen hormone in the blood stream that can help counter cancer risks.