• Great King Street Glasgow Blend 1 oz or any other peated blended scotch whiskey same quantity
  • Laird’s Apple Brandy 1 oz
  • Yellow Chartreuse ¼ oz
  • White Crème de Cacao ¼ oz
  • Nux Alpina dry walnut liqueur ¼ oz
  • Lustau Fino Sherry ¼ oz
  • Lemon peel, nutmeg for garnishing

This fall whiskey cocktail is really amazing when you are partying with friends. You can enjoy this cocktail anytime, it is super easy to prepare and its effect is long lasting. Your friends are certainly not going to forget this drink after having it once. The best time to have this drink is evening or in the night.


  1. It is simple to prepare this cocktail. For preparation, you would require a mixing glass and some ice. Put all the above-mentioned ingredients in mixing glass filled with ice and shake it well. Shake the mixing glass using both hands to mix it well.
  2. The drink is now ready to serve. Put some ice, lemon in the glass for garnishing and to give a great look to the drink. Serve it with nutmegs to have a fun-filled experience.


  • You can change drink according to your preference to get the taste that you like.
  • Enjoy the drink in the evening with friends.
  • While mixing all the drinks in mixing glass, it is important that you handle it properly to avoid any leakage or accident.


Do not mix two alcoholic beverages that have a strong taste. This will not let you enjoy any of the taste of any drink.