• 1 ½ cup of water
  • 2 teaspoon of active dry yeast
  • 2 tablespoon of sugar
  • 1 egg white at room temperature
  • 2 eggs at room temperature
  • 1 ½ tablespoon of apple cider vinegar
  • 4 ½ tablespoon of grape-seed oil or olive oil
  • 420 grams of gluten-free multi-purpose flour


  1. Take a measuring cup and pour in 1 ½ cup of water till it attains the temperature of 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Add sugar and yeast to the mixture and stir it to mix properly. Keep it aside till it becomes foamy or for about 10 minutes.
  2. Take a fork and whisk the mixture along with 2 eggs and one egg white. Make sure that the ingredients have incorporated properly. Now, take the mixture and add it to the baking pan of your bread machine. Add oil and apple cider vinegar to the baking pan. Add water mixture and foamy yeast to the baking pan. Make sure that you have used all the ingredients. Ultimately, add the gluten-free flour on top of the mix. Place your baking pan in the bread machine. Set the machine for gluten-free bread and start it.

  1. After the mixing cycles and prior to the rising cycles, take a spatula and stir the rest of the flour which might be stuck at the corners. If you want, you can take out the mixing blade so that there isn’t any baked bread left. When you are done with the bread, remove and invert the loaf pan on the cooling rack for removing the bread. Let it cool down completely prior to slicing or covering up for storage.


  • You need to ensure that water is at the right temperature. If it is too cold then the yeast is not going to do its work and if it too hot, then it might kill the yeast. Also, you have to ensure that the yeast is good enough. If the yeast doesn’t foam the using the method listed above, you will have to use new yeast.
  • If you use egg that are cold then the breads are not going to rise that much. In case the bread starts beeping even after mixing all ingredients, prior to rising, at the beep take a spatula to mix the rest of the flour.