• Watermelon 300gm
  • Blueberries 50gm
  • Kiwi (1)

Fruit popsicles is a great one to enjoy during summer. You can cheer your child serving these popsicles preparing at home. It does not take much time to prepare these wonderful popsicles, but it is so delicious in taste that you will never be able to forget its taste.


  1. The first step to prepare popsicles is chopping the watermelon into chunks. Use the universal cutter of a blender to chop the watermelon into chunks.
  2. Take the ice-cream mold and put a scoop of blended watermelon in it. Add blueberries in it. Add 2-3 blueberries in it. Cover the top of the ice-cream mold and keep it inside the freezer. You have to freeze it till a thin layer of ice has been developed.

  1. Now refrigerate the left over blended watermelon until its use come. Now you have to repeat the step from 2-4 until the mix reaches to the top of the mold.
  2. In the mean-time take kiwi. Blend it in a jar until it becomes a smooth paste. Take one scoop of kiwi paste and put in the mold as the top layer. Refrigerate the mold over-night, till it is frozen nicely. Serve this popsicle frozen.


  • In place of the watermelon, you can take other fruit as well as the base fruit that has good water content.
  • Add sugar in fruit pulps to increase sweetness.


  • Do not prepare this recipe if there is a power fluctuation at your place.