• 1 cup dates
  • 1 packet readymade popcorn maker
  • 250 grams cut fruits
  • 500g almonds
  • A pinch of honey

From sugar to potato chips, minor changes in everyday diet and habits can help a lot with your health. So why not try to switch a thing or two and see where it leads to? You don’t even have to go looking for such changes, shuffle your shelf and you will find an alternative.



  1. Instead of sugar, you can use dates as a sweetening agent in milk-shakes, smoothies, and dishes like kheer, as 1 cup of date has a sweeting value of 29 milligrams of fructose. As compared to the factory made sugar, they are naturally sweetening in nature, high in fiber and a rich source of antioxidants. Apart from the sweetness, they will add a flavor to your recipe as well.


  1. Pick up a readymade popcorn maker packet and heat it in the microwave. Use the directions mentioned in the pack as mentioned and do not overheat the cooking.

Whole Fruits and Almonds

  1. Take a variety of whole fruits and cut them into halves and quarters. Mix them up together with honey and add almonds to the same, so that the protein factor is added.


You can also add milk to the whole fruits and almonds to make it kind of a fruit salad.


Make sure that the ingredients are fresh.