• Popcorn kernels – 1 cup
  • Peanut butter – 1 cup
  • Coconut oil – 1/4 cup
  • Agave nectar – 1/2 cup
  • Vanilla extract – 1/2 cup
  • Banana chips – 2-3 cups
  • Salt

Healthy peanut butter banana popcorn is literally a golden bowl. If you are sticking with healthy options, this recipe is your savior on a movie night or your kid’s evening snack the use of coconut oil instead of butter brings a unique light flavor.


  1. Take a pot and add coconut oil in it. Then place the pot on medium heat on the stovetop. Once the oil is heated, add popcorn kernels and cover the pot.
  2. Let the kernels pop and then put off the stove. It will take around 1-2 minutes for the popcorn kernels to heat and pop on an average.

  1. Now take peanut butter, vanilla extract and agave nectar in a mixing bowl. Now whisk them well. Pour the popcorn in a large bowl and put the whisked mixture over it. Now mix it well until the popcorn is covered all over.
  2. Now crush the banana chips in tiny pieces and add in the popcorn. Sprinkle the salt as per your choice.


It is healthier to choose organic agave nectar instead of usual. You can replace agave nectar by honey or fructose corn syrup.


In the case of peanut allergies, you can use almond butter as a substitute.