• ½ glass almond milk
  • 1 medium size banana
  • Sugar/honey to taste
  • 1 small bowl – ice cubes

If you have no time to prepare breakfast, don’t skip it. It is not good for health. Learn how to prepare healthy almond milk smoothie and have it in breakfast. This will give you a good supply of nutrients and a refreshing start to your morning.


  1. Take out your blender and give it some work to do. Put almond milk in the jar and then add sugar or honey if required. The almond milk is sweeter in taste, so check taste before adding sweetness in it in any form.
  2. Peel banana cut it into pieces and put it in the blender. For preparing a strawberry smoothie with almond milk, put strawberry and other ingredients in the blender and blend it.

  1. Add some ice cube. If you are using chilled almond milk, it is not mandatory to put ice cubes in it.
  2. Run the blender at a high speed for a few seconds and slow it down. Shake blender by hand and now your smoothie is ready to consume. Pour it in glass and have it.


  • You can replace banana with other fruit as well.
  • Adding fruit will give the required consistency to the smoothie.


Do not run the blender for a long time in one stretch and keep checking the consistency of smoothie in between.