• 2 tablespoon of fresh and clean rava
  • 1 to 2 spoon of pure and freshly obtained ghee
  • Pure milk; as per requirement
  • Pure jaggery as per taste
  • ½ cup of fresh and clean water


  1. Roast the rava. First of all roast the clean rava in the pure ghee obtained by you on a low flame. Make sure that the rava does not get brown in color while roasting it. After this, switch off the flame when the rava is fragrant enough. And then, set aside the properly roasted rava.
  2. Boil the water. After removing the roasted rava from the flame, move on for further process. So, now boil the fresh water slightly and then add the rava which was roasted by you. Add it slowly in the boiling water. Now, switch off the flame of boiling water as the mixture of roasted rava and water becomes thick enough and most of the water is absorbed.
  3. Add other ingredients. Now, after a time duration of approx. 10 minutes add the pure milk and jaggery as per taste into the entirely thickened upma (roasted rava with water). And add it until it is enough porridge consistency. Now, the delicious and healthy recipe is ready. Serve it while it is cold.


  • This dish is a good enough break from many other porridges. Rava is sweet in taste and can be easily digested.
  • Make sure that the rava is not warm while serving otherwise it may burn the tongue of your baby.