• Ripe mangoes (3-4)
  • Milk 1 glass (toned or full cream)
  • Sugar 2 tbsp or you can use sugar-free if diabetic
  • Cinnamon powder 1 tsp
  • Mint leaves 4-5
  • Cream 1 cup

The recipe has all mouthwatering ingredients, mango, milk, cream, cinnamon powder. This is irresistible and you can enjoy this dessert with family members and friends after lunch or dinner. The dessert is best prepared during summer when fresh ripe mangoes are available, but you can prepare it anytime if you manage to get some in any other seasons.


  1. In this recipe, we are going to use mango pulp. Therefore, this first step to prepare this dessert is peeling the mango and taking out its pulp. While you are working with mangoes, turn on the gas, put a pan on it and add milk in it.
  2. When the milk is lukewarm, add cinnamon powder, sugar, and cream in it. Stir the milk till it gets thick. If you are using the full cream milk, then add little quantity of cream in it.

  1. In between, pour sliced mango in the milk. Smash the mango slices in milk so that mango juice gets to mix with the milk perfectly. Once the milk has got the fine texture, now it is the time to cool it down and start the refrigeration process.
  2. Keep the pan aside till the milk cool down. After that pour required amount of milk in glass or bowl. Garnish this dessert with mint leaves. You can also use tutty fruity to garnish it and refrigerate it. To best enjoy its taste, serve it chilled.


  • Use mango breed safeda or langda to prepare this recipe.
  • Check sweetness of mix before adding sugar in it.


  • Cook the whole recipe on low heat to avoid burning and to get the best taste.