If you are looking for nutritious beverages that will keep you satisfied and energized and which will also help you to slim down, try these smoothies.

Berry and pomegranate smoothie

This drinkable meal is rich in anti-aging and antioxidant contents and this will be a great nutritive addition to those who are trying for weight loss.  In the blender, you can mix half cup unsweetened chilled pomegranate juice, half-cup low fat yoghurt and 1 cup frozen berries. Blend the ingredients until pureed. This is low fat smoothie rich in iron and which helps in proper digestion.


Banana smoothie with peanut butter and honey

This delicious smoothie is rich in MUFA and has low calories. You can combine the ingredients such as ½ cup fat free milk, 1/2 cup plain yoghurt, ¼ part of ripe banana, 2 tablespoon unsalted peanut butter, 1tablespoon honey and ice cubes in blender till it forms a smooth liquid. MUFA contained in peanut butter improves the heart health.

Berry and spinach smoothie

If you are reluctant to eat spinach, then you can try this refreshing berry spinach smoothie. There won’t be any taste of spinach and your body will receive the goodness of spinach. In a blender, add 1 cup orange juice, ½ cup frozen blueberries, ½ cup frozen raspberries, ½ cup strawberries, 1cup shredded spinach, 1tbs honey and ice cubes. Blend on medium to high speed till all the spinach gets blended. You can also use agave syrup instead of honey. This smoothie is rich in anti-oxidants and also cleanses the stomach.

Papaya-kefir smoothie

You can provide your stomach with healthy pro-biotics when you drink the papaya – kefir smoothie. Take 1 cup peeled and diced ripe papaya, 1cup coconut kefir, juice from half-lime and 1 tbs honey. Blend all the ingredients to form a smooth mixture. You can replace the kefir with coconut yogurt as well. This smoothie will make a healthy breakfast for adults and kids.

Apple, cinnamon smoothie

If you want to lose pounds from your body and want to have a full stomach till next meal try this smoothie. Put 1 chopped red apple, 1 banana, 6 raw almonds, ¾ cup low fat milk and ½ cup nonfat yogurt and ¼ teaspoon cinnamon in powerful blender and run it for 30 seconds to get an energizing smoothie. This smoothie will provide proteins, vitamins, calcium, fiber, etc to the body.

Metabolism booster smoothie

To reduce the weight, you need to increase the metabolism of the body and this smoothie will help to achieve a greater metabolic rate.


You can know more about metabolism boosting food items by visiting “Food Items that Help You to Fight Belly Fat and Inflammations”.  To make this metabolism booster take a blender and pour 6 ounces of vanilla flavored nonfat yogurt, 8 almonds, 1 cup strawberries, ¼ cup broccoli florets, 1/4 cup cannellini, ½ cup green tea, 1 tsp flax meal and ¼ teaspoon cinnamon and mix until the contents are smooth. Put ice cubes into a glass and pour the smoothie over it. Enjoy this nutritional smoothie immediately.