• 1 tablespoon of pure oil of vegetable
  • 5 properly diced and peeled
  • 1 properly diced small sized onion
  • 8 medium sized potatoes (baking), they should be finely cubed and peeled
  • 2 pounds of finely cubed meat of beef stew
  • 2 cups of fresh water
  • 2 teaspoons of fresh and good quality cornstarch
  • 2 cubes of bouillon of beef
  • 2 teaspoons of salt, as per requirement

This stew of beef was made by my mother when we were a child; she used to put it in the mixer for us. It gives me a feeling of nostalgia. The cooker (pressure) makes all of the meat fall apart and then cooks up in just 20 minutes.


  1. Heat oil in pressure cooker’s bottom over flame which should be medium-high. If the cooker is having an insert, remove it & then cook it directly in the pot’s bottom. Add the beef and onion and thereafter cook it.
  2. Stir it in water, carrots, and cubes of bouillon. Close lid properly, and then secure the regulator of pressure. Heat it until begin to hear sizzling, reduce heat, and set the time of 20 minutes.

  1. Meanwhile, place all potatoes properly in a saucepan with some water to cover it. Bring to boil, and now cook to tender & then drain. When 20 minutes are finished, release all pressure from the pot as per the instructions of the manufacturer.
  2. Remove the inserted lid. Then place the given pot over medium flame. Bring it to a proper boil. And now, properly stir the fresh cornstarch into a very small amount of water for making it slurry. And then, stir into the obtained stew, and now cook for some minutes. Add the prepared potatoes to stew.


  • Make sure that the pressure cooker is working properly.
  • The beef that you are using for preparing this dish should be fresh.


Don’t allow the pressure cooker to get overheated.