• Chicken that is boneless and drained (50 oz)
  • Can of chicken breast that is white and drained. (2, 12 oz)
  • Chicken soup cream (1 can)
  • Crackers (Ritz, crushed)
  • Chicken bouillon that is dissolved in ¼ cup filled with water
  • Stuffing of stovetop stuffing with dry mix (¼ cup)
  • Cheese
  • Salt
  • Black pepper

I made this recipe once on Thanksgiving and can be assured we say these are one of the best home-cooked sandwiches I’ve ever eaten. Serve hot with mashed potatoes and coke and good wine and you’re set!


  1. Take a Crockpot and line it along with a liner of the slow cooker. Take all your ingredients. These are shredded chicken, boneless chicken, chicken breast, cream of soup, crackers, and bouillon of chicken and stuffing of stove top.
  2. Blend this well and cook these ingredients and make sure it is cooked on a high flame. Then, after a while start cooking these on a slow flame for at least 3 hours and more.
  3. Take the buns and place it on a griller to add a certain amount of heat to it. Now that they are a bit brownish in the shade, remove these buns and put them on a plate.

  1. Add cheese on these buns. Add the stuffing, on this bun. You can also add veggies like cucumber, tomato, lettuce to add extra volume to the sandwich.
  2. You can also add various kinds of sauces to your sandwich. These include barbeque sauce, ketchup, harissa sauce, mint mayonnaise, mayonnaise, southwest, mustard sauce, red chili sauce, etc. In the end, season your sandwich with salt and freshly ground black pepper. Serve hot with mashed potatoes. 


  • Adjust the buns as per the number of servings you wish to do.
  • You can also use oregano and chili flakes for better seasoning of your sandwiches.
  • Make sure your buns are fresh and not stale.


  • Do not preserve the sandwiches for more than 4 hours.
  • Do not add extra butter to the sandwiches as the crackers will add enough buttery taste to the sandwiches.