Here we share tips on creating the perfect frosted layered cake. We all love the frosted cakes, no matter how much we try to shy away from the extra calories they provide. The look of delectable frosting on cakes is hard to resist. However, we often wish we could recreate the same at home, which would be healthier as well. Many home cooks often hesitate to try out frosting a layered cake at home as many feel that they will mess it up and the whole cake would be ruined. This is especially true when one is contemplating baking and making a birthday cake at home. Check out White Cake Recipes For Summer Here.

Here are some tips on how to try frosting a layered cake and be successful in it.

If you have thought of a light blue theme for your child’s birthday party this year, it needs to start with the cake as well. A light blue frsotign with candies on top for decoration is a wonderful design for a birthday cake and you can definitely achieve the same with the tips that are provided below. However, before you start you need to keep in mind that the cake needs to cool down to room temperature before you start to frost it.


Create even layers

When you wish to frost a layered cake, you need to create the layers first. Once the cake has cooled down you are ready to cut it out in layers. If the layers are uneven the frosting would not sit in an even manner. It is advised that you level out the surface of the different layers by using a bread knife.

Prepare the cake stand

You can start by cutting a cardboard in the size of the cake. If you have a cake stand, place the cardboard in the center. This is the position where you would be placing the different layers and frosting them. Once you have created your home made frosting, spread a few tablespoons on the cardboard. Anchor a cake layer on it. You can then place wax paper around the platter so that the rest of the stand remains clean.

12Frosting the layers

In order to frost the cake takes up an icing spatula. You will be able to control and even out the frosting on the cake. Start off by pacing 3/4th cup of the frosting in the center of the layer that you place at the base. Spread out the frosting towards the edges. Create an even layer and add on the other layers. Once the inside of the layers are frosted you can then start off with the sides. Do not make the layer on the sides too thick. Once the top and the sides are done, it is best to refrigerate the cake to set the frosting. The initial layer on top needs to be thin after which you can add in the final frosting layer with some swirls on top for effect. Add in the candies in a pattern you decide and allow the cake to be set in the refrigerator till it is time to serve it.