Try out these healthy dessert recipes which will surely be loved by all but consist of nutritious ingredients.

Those who have a sweet tooth, but often stay away from sweets and desserts due to weight issues can look forward to making healthy desserts at home, which will have nutritional benefits and complex fats that will keep the body warm and the metabolism active during the cold winter months.

Vegan Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies

For those who are following the vegan diet might find it hard to buy anything in the dessert range and made of the right ingredients as per the vegan principle. As vegan diet proposes shifting away from all cultivated grains and processed food items, it is only natural and primitive food ingredients that are allowed in this diet. One can try the meal ideas mentioned in the article Go Vegetarian with Some Veggie Burger Ideas. However, even with these restrictions, this particular dessert can be easily made and consumed without a feeling of guilt.

1Ingredients Used

The ingredients used for making these cookies are brown rice flour, xanthan gum and tapioca starch along with flaxseeds or an egg, coconut palm sugar and coconut, pumpkin puree and chocolate chips which are optional. For those who find it hard to source brown rice flour, tapioca starch and gum can replace the same with white flour though it would be a deviation from the principles of the vegan diet.

Cooking Method

The making of the cookies is easy once the ingredients are collected. The flaxseed and water need to be combined and set apart. The other ingredients like flour, starch and gum need to be mixed together while in another bowl the other ingredients like coconut oil, sugar and pumpkin puree need to be mixed as well. Once all the ingredients are combined, the mixture can be added as dollops on a flat tray lined with a baking sheet and baked for fifteen minutes.

Cranberry and Stewed Apple Hand Pies

For those who crave for sweet desserts after a meal, here are two easy and nutritious pie dishes to try out. If you do not have time to do the pastry for the pie layers, you can get pie crusts from the store and roll them out.

2Ingredients Required

Diced apples, cranberries, sugar, water, sprinkle of cinnamon and nutmeg, butter

 Stewed Apples

The stewed apple filling can be made by putting diced apples along with vanilla, butter and nutmeg mixed with sugar and water in a pot and boiling the mixture till the apples become soft.

Cranberry Filling

For the cranberry filling one simply needs to use sugar, cranberries, water and pinch of nutmeg. The concoction needs to be boiled and taken off the heat when the mixture coats the fruits.

Method of Preparation

Two hand pies can be prepared by rolling out the pie dough into rounds of two or three inches circumference. The fillings need to be placed inside the pie layers and sealed after which the pies can be baked in the oven for twelve to fifteen minutes respectively after the top is brushed with sugar and milk. These pies will be nutritious and delicious for kids as well as adults and help to fulfill the quota of fruit intake that many neglect to have most of the day.