• 1 cup of warm water or milk
  • Oats, 1 cup
  • Olive oil spray, a bit
  • Sliced banana, ½ of a medium size
  • 1 tablespoon of dark chocolate chips

This is a great breakfast if you love to take care of your weight and health. There is no oil, fruits like banana and oats. You can use the best brand and taste you like. If you add milk, it is also a great idea for a healthy breakfast.


  1. Start with a bowl. Pour the oats and have them ready. If you have not warmed the water, do that first and set it aside for a minute so that you can add to the oats. Slowly, stir the oats or add water and stir it in the oats. Both ways are fine.
  2. Take a small skillet. Spray some non-stick cooking oil and let it grease. Use olive oil. You can use any other cooking oil you prefer too. Now, add the bananas to it.  It will take like 3 minutes for it to turn a brown caramel color.

  1. The oats are cooked by now. Spread the bananas over the bowl with the oats. Spread the chocolate chips over them and you are ready to serve it warm and crispy.


Both bananas and oats are best for weight loss and are considered as a healthy breakfast alternatives. 


You can use simply water and dairy-free chocolate chips for a vegan breakfast.