Here are some tips regarding dishes for those who might have to serve vegetarian friends or family members during Thanksgiving dinner.

Getting Creative

One does not need to have simply meat on their table during Thanksgiving. If there are vegetarian friends or family members coming over for dinner, it is necessary to keep aside certain dishes made exclusively for them and which can be enjoyed by other family members as well. The usual vegetarian recipes that are whipped up include mashed potatoes or a bowl of salad vegetables. However, here are some easy vegetarian recipes that are a bit more elaborate than that.

7Pumpkin Pie

This would be an ideal Thanksgiving meal. With a pot pie, of pumpkin, many are likely to experiment with it besides the meat dishes. A pumpkin pot pie can be made with roasted slices of pumpkin along with carrots, kale and celery. The pie can be made with the usual crusty layer and the vegetables, whipped up with seasonings that help add to the zesty taste overall. The vegetables need to be sautéed in spices like cinnamon, bay leaves, ginger, salt and red chili flakes. Once the vegetables are sautéed well, they can be put in a pie layering and covered with a pie top. Once the pie is baked, it is sure to be delicious. One could even add on black beans and a layer of mashed potatoes and cheese for making it a soul filling dish.

Vegetarian Stew

The stews served during Thanksgiving need not be only of meat. With vegetable stock flavored with spices, one can stew vegetables in it like mushrooms, peas, potatoes, tomatoes, carrots and season it with parsley. It is a great meal to have with bread and butter on a cold Thanksgiving Day.

Vegetarian Version of Shepherd’s Pie

This is a vegetarian version of the Shepherd’s pie. Instead of lamb or beef meat, it is substituted by vegetables. In this pie what will remain is a warm and crispy layer of mashed potatoes. One can add to vegetables like carrots, beans, mushrooms, celery, squash, which can be sautéed in spices and butter in order to give a nice flavor. If the mashed potato is created with goat cheese and infused with garlic it will deepen the flavor even further. This is a dish that even non vegetarians will love and will pair well with any meat dish as well.


Black Bean and Pumpkin Casserole

This is a great food item to serve your vegetarian guests. It is a casserole dish made from pumpkin and black beans. What you would need to add further would be chopped onions, cumin, chili powder and cloves to season vegetables like tomatoes, corn, pumpkin and black beans.

If you are looking for heart healthy food recipes for winter, you would do well to look up the article called Low Calorie Dinner Recipes to Keep You Warm this Winter. The vegetarian dishes mentioned above will suit one’s palate in winter days as well. What’s more, one will be able to ensure that the family members are getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals to keep their system fortified during winter.