• 16 ounces of the coating of candy or some wafers of melting chocolate such as CandiQuik or Ghiradelli
  • 100 miniature fresh pretzels (or you can also use 50 rods of the pretzels)
  • Candies, canes of crushed candy, and sprinkles etc. (for the purpose of decorating the dish)


  1. Cover the sheet. First of all, pick a large-sized sheet of baking and cover it properly and finally with a paper of parchment. After covering it properly, set out your candies, other toppings and all the sprinkles that you thought of using for the purpose of decorating the pretzels. You can decorate in any design or texture as per your desire.
  2. Melt the bark. Now, move on for further process. After this, just melt the white chocolate or coating of candy or the bark of almond as per the directions and instructions are given on its package. Make sure that you follow the directions strictly otherwise you can lose the desired taste. After melting it, use the dipping tool (it should be properly pronged) to dip the very bottom of each of the pretzel into the prepared chocolate (melted). Make sure that it is evenly dipped.

  1. Drizzle it. Once it is dipped, pick a spoon and with the help of this spoon drizzle the prepared melted chocolate properly and evenly over the apex of each of the pretzel and very smoothly tap the dipping tool until the surplus melted chocolate has completely dripped off. After doing this, scrape the bottom of the dipping tool against small sized bowl before smoothly placing the obtained pretzel on the paper of parchment.
  2. Give the final touch. Once the pretzel is placed in the parchment paper, it is time to give the final touch to the dish. In order to do so, just sprinkle on the needed toppings. And sit in a place and allow the chocolate to become hard. The dish is ready, so serve it.


  • You can preserve the leftovers of these white chocolate pretzels by keeping it in an airtight container.
  • This dish can be preserved for about 7 to 8 days.