• Gin – 80 ml
  • Triple sec – 20 ml
  • Syrup of sugar – 30 ml
  • Peychaud’s Bittern (dashes) – 4 dashes
  • Absinthe (to coat and rinse the glass) – 30 ml
  • Orange zest twist – for garnishing
  • Ice

The wine drink or ‘the wink’ is a popular drink that can be provided at corporate parties or a hangout with friends. The mix of flavors that ‘the wink’ is is the best complementary to good times.



This drink, known as ‘the wink’ best served in old fashioned glasses or rock glasses. Before starting and mixing the ingredients, kindly set aside the chosen glasses and fill them up with absinthe and ice cubes, and top it with chilled water.


  1. After keeping that abs in the ice- cubes, glass filled aside, come over to the main part. Take your cocktail tin, and then one by one add all the other remaining ingredients as mentioned in it, starting from Gin, then triple sec.
  2. Then add syrup of sugar, and 4 dashes of Peychaud’s Bittern. Shake all these ingredients in the cocktail tin, working the magic, so that the flavors of all these four separate ingredients shall come together to make one separate but an irresistible cocktail. Now, take the already set aside old fashioned or rock glasses, whatever you prefer, and rinse off the absinthe and ice- cubes.

  1. After discarding the glasses, coat the same with absinthe. Now serve the made cocktail into the Absinthe coated glasses. For garnishing, take the orange zest twist, and add to the marvelous mix of flavors. Your drink is ready to be served and enjoyed. Voila!


  • The ingredients are best mixed in a cocktail shaker.
  • One serving of the wine drink or ‘the wink’ provides about 232 calories.


  • While mixing the different ingredients, make sure to add ice.