• 1 big chicken
  • 1 big can of chicken soup cream
  • 1 chicken stuffing box
  • Cream
  • Bread Loaf

These are one of the tastiest sandwiches, which I personally have ever had, and are enjoyed best between groups, so if you are having a housewarming party or a family get-together, it’s that you pull out this recipe out of your cabinet and fill everyone’s stomach with these delicious sandwiches. Best for large gatherings, but that doesn’t stop you from feeding your best selves.


  1. Boil the big raw chicken first. The one day before you want to cook this you sandwich you’ll need to boil the big raw chicken on medium to high for 150 minutes, so it softens and it’s easier to eat.
  2. After the chicken cools up, place it in a cool refrigerator. And let it cool overnight, without any sort of disturbance.
  3. Next day you will be needed to segregate the chicken from the bones. You will have to do this with the help of your hand. Take out the little-little bones with your clean hands.

  1. Shred the chicken and then put it in a pan on the stack or a crock pot over the stove. Add chicken cream soup of one large can into the shredded chicken on the stove. Add spices to your liking.
  2. And now add one box of chicken to the mix. Let it cook until shredded chicken is hot.
  3. Serve it with any bread that you like. Wheat bread, garlic bread or you could also use ham if you like; it’s totally up to your choice. On the sides, you can eat it with chips for some crispness and drink your favorite drink along with it.


  • Use fresh chicken and boil it properly, you can add salt to the water, chili boiling the chicken; this will help the chicken boil better.
  • The loaf of bread you use should also be fresh; else the taste of the whole sandwich would be ruined.


  • While boiling the chicken, does it with caution as while boiling the water will get very hot and it may cause you to burn if you do it carelessly.
  • While peeling off the bones from the chicken good care should be taken and bones should be removed off completely. Else it could leave a very bad taste in the mouth.